Video Conferencing Services in Dubai

Common Video Conferencing Fails and How to Avoid Them

Video conferencing in UAE has become a vital tool for organizations, schools, and individuals to keep connected remotely since the pandemic and the quick transition to remote employment. On the other hand, a lot of us have had embarrassing blunders and failures during video calls. Let’s examine some typical fails made during video conferences and offer helpful advice to prevent them.

  • Camera Angles

One of the most common video conferencing fails is the dreaded “up-the-nose” camera angle. Having the camera placed too high above the device’s screen can result in an unflattering view up your nose. Place the camera on your laptop or desktop at eye level to prevent this. You can also use external cameras or devices like a laptop stand to get the right camera height. Proper camera placement is critical for video call solutions and conferencing uae services to project the right image.

  • Background Distractions

Cluttered, unprofessional backgrounds can be distracting during video calls. Make sure to remove any personal items, paperwork, or distractions from behind you. Close windows and doors if possible to reduce background noise. Use digital features like backgrounds and filters available in leading video conference solutions to disguise an imperfect physical space. Control what’s seen in your background for an optimal experience.

  • Poor Lighting

Harsh or inconsistent lighting can make you appear shadowy or grainy on camera. Make sure your face is illuminated and not backlit from a window. Use additional lamps or lighting if needed to balance shadows. Built-in laptop cameras struggle more with lighting than external webcams, so consider separate cameras for important meetings. Adjust lighting to showcase your expressions clearly.

  • Poor Eye Contact

Not maintaining eye contact on video calls is a pet peeve for many. Resist the urge to look at yourself. Make eye contact with the camera lens, not the screen, to simulate direct eye contact virtually. Remember, people are watching your eye position, not what’s on your screen. Make eye contact for a more engaging experience using any video conferencing solution.

  • Technical Issues

Glitchy audio or video, frozen screens, poor internet connections – technical gremlins often rear their head during important calls. Test your equipment beforehand, close unnecessary programs and tabs to free up bandwidth, and have a Plan B ready in case of disruptions. Proper setup and preparation are key to avoiding technical embarrassments. Leading conferencing services also have robust features to enhance call quality.

  • Multitasking

While multi-tasking is tempting with everyone in different frames, it’s disrespectful to be distracted during a video meeting. Give the call your undivided attention. Silence notifications and turn off any apps, programs, or tabs not needed for the call. Stay focused on the conversation.

  • Noise Problems

Unmuffled phones, barking dogs, children, sirens outside – these normal household noises can become amplified over video. Put on microphone-equipped headphones to drown out surrounding noise. If necessary, relocate to a more peaceful region. Alert others in your home to keep the noise down during calls to maintain focus. Consider closed-captioning features in video conference solutions for sensitive calls.

By following these simple tips regarding camera positioning, background, lighting, eye contact, going tech-proof, giving attention, and blocking noise – you’ll avoid many common video conferencing fails. Mastering virtual communication etiquette is key for seamless remote interactions using any one of the many video conference solutions.