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The Impact of Digital Transformation with Cisco SD-WAN

Keeping your data flowing in your business requires a secure network solution. The legacy static and non-differentiated network edge of years past is no longer enough to achieve efficient connectivity. Networking pros must work on updating their digital transformation plans and evolving their networks.

As a CISCO distributor in Dubai, Supercad is embracing digital transformation through SD-WAN.

SD-WAN provides a direct, dedicated connection through which your data can pass. It enables a company to use bandwidth and improve application performance while boosting visibility.

Modern businesses are driven to rely more on the public Internet, as opposed to private MPLS, to support their cloud-based applications. Simultaneously the budgets for IT are limited and face the need for technology change.

SD-WAN helps improve customer loyalty and helps to create and maintain a competitive advantage to support the company’s cloud-based applications.

Here are some of the benefits that CISCO SD-WAN provides.

  1. Simplifies network security

The business is always at risk of facing new cyber threats. SD-WAN sets up a simple and secure VPN that boosts outcome-driven network segmentation, service chaining to hosted security services, and can be used to provide local firewall services. CISCO manages cyber risks with an SD-WAN that monitors your network and safeguards it against cyber challenges. 

  1. Optimizes network performance

SD-WAN has the potential to significantly reduce the operational requirements of managing network traffic. It enables network programmability and automation and is sensitive to the quality of the network conditions.

  1. Improved communication

SD-WAN can prioritize VoIP traffic over other traffic to ensure the quality of services. It helps establish easy connectivity between employees who are situated at a remote location, the on-site team, and the customers as well minus the delays. It delivers positive outcomes with a higher bandwidth stream which gives unified communications.

CISCO partners in Dubai assist in improving overall performance and productivity with SD-WAN technology. For more elaborated information on the WAN, visit our website.