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We run through the main apps on the Adobe software list, explain what each one does, and why you might need it.


The Adobe software list is pretty long, as you’d expect given the Creative Cloud suite covers pretty much every creative need. Whether you’re a graphic designer, web designer, photographer, illustrator, marketing professional or are working in TV and movies, it has most of the tools your profession considers industry standard.

But most Adobe software requires a subscription. Potential subscribers have the choice of signing up for  just a single app, the Photography Plan or the whole Creative Cloud suite (keep an eye out for an Adobe Creative Cloud discount). It’s a big decision to make, so you must be aware of exactly what you’re buying. Though there are over 50, yes 50, apps altogether, there are 12 main ones you need to know about

In this Adobe software list, we round up those 12 standout apps and explain, in simple terms, what they do and why you might need them. And to guide you out once you’re signed up, also see our best Photoshop tutorials and Illustrator tutorials. If you’re into video editing, you might also want to check our list of the best video editing software.

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