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Many businesses today use Network Switches to connect computers, printers, and servers within an organization. Network switches simply make everything easier. A switch is a device that physically connects devices to a computer network. To allow networked devices to communicate with one another, multiple cables can be connected to a switch. Switches control the flow of data across a network by only sending a received message to the device for which it was intended. A MAC address identifies each networked device connected to a switch, allowing the switch to control the flow of traffic.


Networks are critical for supporting businesses and network switch is a fundamental component of all networks that connect devices to share resources. It is a networking device that only transfers data to the host to which it is addressed which examines the destination address to determine how to route the packet. Different network switch models support varying numbers of connected devices. The majority of consumer-grade network switches have four or eight Ethernet connections. Switches are distinguished from hubs by several features. The most compelling reason for using a switch instead of a hub is bandwidth.


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