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We provide the best surveillance services by offering you permitter security which is a network of integrated elements and systems to protect your company. This security consists of sensors, IR sensors, video sensors, cameras, radars, etc.


We offer the the CCTV installation of adhering to industrial standards such as commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, jewellery,  factories, film studios, corporate headquarters, Universities, and Colleges.  

Brands We Provide

CCTV installation (Approved by SIRA)
All the brands of CCTV are available ( Dahua, Hikvision, Samsung etc.)

Access Control Devices
Suprima, Matrix, HID, ZK.

Samsung Wisenet

Advantages of CCTV Surveillance Security Solution Systems


Mitigating Opportunities for Theft: These advanced systems effectively reduce the chances of theft occurring.
Overseeing Safe Work Practices: CCTV technology allows for continuous monitoring of safe working practices.
Analyzing Day-to-Day Operations: Real-time footage aids in the evaluation of daily operations.
Protecting Employees and Reducing False Liability Claims: These systems enhance employee safety and help minimize unwarranted liability claims.
Safeguarding Properties and Assets: The technology provides robust protection for both buildings and valuable assets.
Facilitating Remote Security Management: The capability to manage security remotely across the entire site is a key advantage.
Expedited Investigations: HD CCTV significantly shortens the time required for investigations, often reducing it to mere seconds.
Scalable Solutions for Future Needs: These systems are adaptable, easily growing to meet evolving security requirements.
Cost Reduction for Manned Guarding: By implementing 24-hour monitored CCTV surveillance, the systems help reduce expenses associated with on-site security personnel.

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