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Video conferencing systems are useful for connecting clients from all over the world to meetings where all participants can be seen. When using video conferencing technology to hold meetings, you can connect in person which you would otherwise miss during a phone call. Keeping employees engaged and productive is becoming increasingly difficult as the workforce becomes more dispersed across multiple locations. With an effective video conferencing system, your company can quickly build workmanship in multiple locations.

Our video conferencing solutions are the market’s most comprehensive and scalable Video Conference Systems product line. We have extensive experience designing IP-based conferencing solutions from the ground up. To provide a total solution offering, we always recommend a video conference system that breaks free from the mold of complicated interactive communications.


We offer video conferencing devices and solutions, as well as the following services and products.

Logitech RallyOpen to exporting local market as well
Logitech MeetupOpen to exporting local market as well
PolycomOpen to exporting local market as well

Cisco Webex is available only to the UAE market as it operates on the cloud. It involves transferring licences to the end user to conduct clear video conferencing.


Note: Cisco Webex is not a device, it is an application which it cannot be sold anywhere other than the UAE market.

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