Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions in Dubai, UAE

The purpose of the backup is to create a copy of data that can be recovered in the event of a primary data failure. Primary data failures can be the result of hardware or software failure, data corruption, or a human-caused event, such as a malicious attack (virus or malware), or accidental deletion of data. Backup copies allow data to be restored from an earlier point in time to aid the business recover from an unplanned event.


Backup and disaster recovery is an organization’s method of regaining access and functionality to its IT infrastructure after events like a natural disaster, cyber-attack, or even business disruptions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. A variety of disaster recovery (DR) methods can be part of a disaster recovery plan. DR is one aspect of business continuity

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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS): In the event of a disaster or ransomware  attack, a DRaaS provider moves an organization’s computer processing to its own cloud infrastructure, allowing a business to continue operations seamlessly from the vendor’s location, even if an organization’s servers are down. DRaaS plans are available through either subscription or pay-per-use models. There are pros and cons to choosing a local DRaaS provider – latency will be lower after transferring to DRaaS servers that are closer to an organization’s location, but in the event of a widespread natural disaster, a DRaaS that is nearby may be affected by the same disaster.


Back-Up as a Service: Similar to backing up data at a remote location, with Back Up as a Service, a third-party provider backs up an organization’s data, but not its IT infrastructure. 


Datacenter disaster recovery: The physical elements of a data center can protect data and contribute to faster disaster recovery in certain types of disasters. For instance, fire suppression tools will let the data and computer equipment survive a fire. A backup power source will support businesses sailing through power outages without grinding operations to a halt. Of course, none of these physical backup and disaster recovery tools will assist in the event of a cyber-attack

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions in Dubai

At Supercad, we understand the importance of keeping your data safe and secure. That’s why we offer comprehensive backup and disaster recovery services to protect your business from data loss and downtime.

Our backup solutions ensure that your critical data is regularly and automatically backed up to secure, off-site locations. In the event of a disaster, our disaster recovery plan will quickly and efficiently restore your data and systems to minimize disruption to your business operations.

Our team of experts will work with you to develop a customized backup and disaster recovery plan that fits your unique needs and budget. We also provide ongoing monitoring and support to ensure your data is always protected.

Don’t let a disaster ruin your business – trust the experts at Supercad for all your backup and disaster recovery solutions!

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