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At Supercad, we hold stock of a huge range of Server racks and cabinets. Most are available for next-day delivery. Whether you need a small wall-mounted data cabinet or a full specification Server Rack you’ll be sure to find it here.   A server rack is a structure that is designed specifically to house technical equipment including routers, switches, hubs, and of course, servers. The rack makes it possible to securely hold multiple pieces of equipment in one area The EIA (Electronic Industries Alliance) standard server rack is a 19-inch wide rack enclosure A “Rack Unit” or Rack “U” is an EIA standard allowance unit for measuring rack-mount equipment. One “Rack Unit” is equal to 1.75″ in height. To calculate the internal useable space of a rack enclosure.  
We are one the reputed server racks suppliers in Dubai with high quality and Branded Server Rack products across UAE, MENA, and Africa.

Why Choose Supercad Server Racks?

High-quality data center racks with up to 86% perforation, higher than any other brand in the market

Designed with a maximum amount of airflow through the rack – upto 3.4kW of heat dissipation

Highly cost-effective solutions, structured to suit customers’ budget

Robust support system to assist all customer needs

Which Server Rack is best for you?

There are a significant number of variables that you need to be familiar with before investing in a server rack. On top of that, server needs can change over time, so you will need to plan for what might be necessary in the future. 


server racks suppliers in dubai

Enclosed Server Racks

Supercad enclosed server racks come in a variety of sizes and with the most common features to meet any mounting need. For questions or custom solutions, contact us.

Open Frame Server Racks

Open-frame server racks are an effective solution for many types of equipment mounting. They’re as great in the data center as they are in your back IT closet. For more info contact us.

wall mount racks in dubai

Wall Mount Racks

Many small or home offices don’t have enough equipment to justify a full-sized server rack. In these situations, an out-of-the-way, compact solution may be better. For more info contact us.

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