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5 Tips To Improve Your Network Security & Efficiency

Network security is a very important consideration to ensure a company’s proper functionality, since it keeps organizational networks safe, productive and profitable too. This is particularly important if you are a small business and intend to keep your data safe from cyber-attacks and unwarranted access. This can affect business productivity and profitability as well. Therefore, to maintain the smooth and efficient running of your business, network security and its efficiency are to be a priority. Good quality network switch suppliers must be determined who can help you with this process. Here are some tips to improve your network security and efficiency:

1. MAC Address Filtration

In the process of reviewing network security, it can be noted that any device has the capability of accessing your network with the right login credentials. This creates a major security risk. Thus, it is essential to enable MAC filtering, since this allows you to choose the devices that can access your network. A whitelist of known devices used by employees and clients can be prepared, and only these devices would be allowed to access your network. Unknown devices can be screened and consequently have disabled access to your network. Moreover, a blacklist of suspicious devices that do not belong on your network can be created too.

2. Software & firmware updation

It is important to stay alert for signs of disrupted IT network behavior. These include slower than normal information transfer or the frequent need to reboot. If these are observed frequently, then it may be time to update your firmware and software to ensure efficient network security for your business.

Also, utilization of the latest software and firmware can fix vulnerabilities that could be used by hackers to infiltrate your network. Staying updated is hence essential to keeping your network safe.

3. Requirement of stronger passwords

Building stronger passwords on all accounts makes hacking and network infiltration through a whitelisted account far more difficult. For secure password generation, the password must contain at least 12 characters, with a mixture of lowercase and uppercase letters in addition to symbols and numbers. It should also not be an easy-to-guess pattern, therefore random passwords work best.

4. Data redundancy

Data duplications are an important fail-safe measure that can counter ransomware techniques, keeping cybercriminals looking to utilize your network data with mal intent at bay. This data backup frees you from the risk of hackers who could keep your data hostage and make unreasonable demands. This also contributes to business agility and remote data access within your organization.

5. Identifying phishing attempts

Recognizing phishing attempts and identifying suspicious websites go a long way to prevent accidental malware introduction to your network. This may involve referring to real examples of phishing attempts or identifying fraudulent emails. Additionally, avoid opening any attachments to emails coming from untrustworthy sources.

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