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Different Types of Endpoint Security Solutions for an Enterprise

Endpoint Protection solutions safeguard your corporate devices against malware and malicious applications, as well as investigate security incidents and alerts. They differ from commercial anti-virus software in that they enable administrators to manage all devices as well as perform threat investigation and remediation. This enables administrators to quickly respond to security incidents and alerts.

In today’s cybersecurity landscape, enterprises must implement a layered approach to endpoint security. They must assess their vulnerabilities and design a solution that takes advantage of effective security solutions to address those vulnerabilities. Here are different types of endpoint security solutions for an enterprise:

  1. Anti-virus: Anti-virus software is the most fundamental form of endpoint protection you can provide which is typically installed directly on endpoints, and designed to detect and remove malicious applications. These products can detect known viruses based on signatures or attempt to identify new and potential malware based on behavior by examining its signatures.
  2. URL filtering: URL filtering tools aid in directing web traffic to trusted sites. They prevent users from accessing malicious or potentially harmful websites. Although these tools help protect endpoints from drive-by downloads, they must be used in conjunction with other endpoint security solutions to provide comprehensive cyber threat protection.
  3. Application control: Application control tools protect endpoints by restricting or preventing unauthorized and compromised applications from executing in a way that compromises your network or company data using their whitelisting, blacklisting, and graylisting functions. Furthermore, they are powerless to intervene when hackers exploit vulnerabilities in a whitelisted application.
  4. Network access control: These are computer networking solutions that use a set of protocols to implement policies to secure network node access. They have authority over what devices and users can and cannot do on the network infrastructure. These solutions enable network infrastructures like firewalls, switches, and routers to collaborate with end-user computing equipment and back-office servers to enforce network security policies before allowing communication. 
  5. Browser isolation: All browser-borne code is executed in an isolated environment during browsing sessions, and only a safe interactive media stream is sent to the browser on the user device. When the user finishes browsing, all website code, both safe and malicious, is isolated and destroyed. Browser isolation solutions safeguard endpoints by running browsing sessions in isolated environments, either on the endpoint or on the server.

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