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Top Reasons Websites are Vulnerable to Security Breaches

Every now and then we come across numerous cyber crime reports making headlines – often many of them involve some global IT biggies as well. And especially if you have your own IT enterprise, such news instantly alarms you as it is your company’s information security and data shielding we’re talking about.

It’s no longer a secret that even the safest sites of the world are hindered by cyber-attacks that consequently involve a high-level data breach – but the million-dollar question is: what are the reasons behind such web vulnerabilities? Why even after ensuring the best possible cybersecurity installations, do such breaches take place? Let’s find out in the next section!

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Reasons Behind Web Vulnerabilities

Passing of Unfiltered Information Through Injections

When the unfiltered information or inputs are passed via the SQL server, such instances can lead the attacker to grab the essentials of the browser and thus result in a data breach. Because of such wrong injections, the clients’ confidential data might be hijacked, leaked, or misused.

Improper Security Configuration

This happens when the developers are not following the protocols of secured coding. This involves leaving crucial information exposed and accessible. Also, when the updation of the application or software for the website’s use is left, it can also end up in data breaches.

Broken Authentication

There are many aspects that may shape up during the broken authentication – like no encryption of passwords during the data transit, leakage of the Session ID through the URL, not integrating session timeouts in an appropriate manner, etc.

CSRF – Cross-Site Request Forgery

CSRF is a type of cyber-attack wherein an external site bluffs the browser and makes it work for the attacker by using the sessions and cookies. Such attacks are often responsible for malicious activities with online banking.

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