Cybersecurity Services in Dubai
Cyber Security Services Dubai

Cyber Security Trends 2022: What’s Ahead, and How to Respond

The global pandemic has played a major role in accelerating digital transformation with no signs of slowing down. This hyper-connected world certainly does call for strengthened security to face any associated threats or challenges, enabling resilience and foresight in implemented security strategies. Cybercriminals will continue to implement traditional security breach methods such as email phishing, […]

Cybersecurity Services in Dubai

5 Effective Tips to Keep Your Company Data Safe From Cybercriminals

Cybercrime is defined as any crime that occurs primarily or exclusively online. Cybercriminals frequently commit crimes by attempting to compromise computer networks or devices, security breaches, and identity theft are examples of cybercrime. Companies must find ways to address their growing exposure to cyber-related risks as they expand their commitment to remote workforces. The speed […]